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Homely- The Smart Heat Pump Optimiser. (Hub V3 & node)

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Homely was designed with a number of priorities in mind. Helping homeowners transition to a heat pump. Ensuring they had a warm and cosy home. Reducing their heating bills. Helping to lower their carbon emissions. Just as importantly, making it a solution that Installers want to work with.

Homely learns...

  • The Wireless Temperature Node tracks how the house heats and cools down
  • Which heat pump has been installed and factors that in
  • How you like your house heated.

Homely is driven by data...

  • Weather forecasts for the coming day in your location
  • How much sun will hit your home the next day
  • Applicable Smart tariff data. On a Smart tariff like Octopus Agile? Homely will access the next days electricity prices and factor that into its optimisation.

Homely communicates...

Unlike other controllers, Homely doesn’t constantly switch the heat pump on and off. Instead it maintains a two-way dialogue with the heat pump, ensuring it is being run in the most efficient way possible.


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