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Introducing the Clivet Edge Evo 2.0...

Introducing the Clivet Edge Evo 2.0...

Barilla are pleased to announce the launch of the new Clivet Edge EVO 2.0. Available as space saving single fan units from 4kW up to 16kW, and twin fan 3 phase units from 18kW to 30kW, the range covers residential and light commercial applications. Working closely with Midea, Clivet have designed this unit for outdoor installation, ensuring the highest energy efficiency over the entire operating cycle.

The units are suitable for all climates and conditions. They are designed to be efficient and provide high temperature water even in harsh winters, down to -25°C: in particular, it can produce water at 60°C with the outdoor air down to -15°C. For even tougher applications, an additional electric heater can be selected to ensure that there is no loss of performance even under the most extreme conditions.

Features you can expect to receive with the Edge EVO 2.0 are:

 Simple and user-friendly interface, including integrated digital thermostat and remote control for the unit.

 Wireless control with the dedicated Clivet app, allowing remote management of output and scheduling various operating modes.

 Flexible applications including domestic hot water, underfloor heating and mixed systems.

 Excellent quietness with the unit having 2 selectable noise options; ‘Silenced’ reducing the noise by -3 dB and ‘Super Silenced’ for a further -5dB.

 MCS approved and listed as 'connect and notify' on the ENA database.

To find out more please call us to speak to a member of our team!

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